Celebrating 10 years of TKC!

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10 jaar embracing weirdness

Yesterday we celebrated our TEN year anniversary! CX specialist Stan Phelps hosted an afternoon workshop for team TKC digital and friends. During this workshop Stan presented that we need to stand out and differentiate to be successful in business. It is time to quit living in the age of equivalency and to start figuring out what makes your business special and what you’d want to be recognized for. Defining a purpose and living by it, will make the difference. Thank you Stan Phelps for helping us to flaunt in CX. What a great day it was… ready for another ten years in which we’ll keep embracing our weirdness and our purpose!


Curious about what Stan Phelps shared with us? Specially for our ten years anniversary we have a gift for you. You can find the workshop that Stan gave to us here!