Alexa Skills: the ‘mobile apps’ for your Echo voice assistant

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Last week Alexa stood on our doorstep and we love her already.

Out of the box Alexa is pretty capable, allowing you to play music from Spotify, connect to Amazon services, control your smart lights, asking her questions and so much more. But things are getting more interesting when you extend Alexa’s capabilities by connecting her to more sources. For this you will need to install ‘Alexa Skills’.

Alexa Skills are the ‘mobile apps’ for your voice assistant. Amazon has a dedicated place for Alexa Skills which allows you to get even more out of your voice assistant. Skills can vary from simple games to more complex integrations with other services. The possibilities are endless. Just take a look to get an idea.

Build your own skills

If you like to connect your business to Alexa for your customers. You have to build an Alexa Skill. Amazon has a dedicated developer page where you can learn how to create skills for Alexa. This is exactly what we are going to do in the coming weeks.

We are excited to develop our own skills for Alexa and discover how we can connect this new exciting technology to Oracle Service Cloud to improve customer experience.

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