Modern CX: I’m becoming a legend!

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Modern CX: I’m becoming a legend!

Next week the Tech Tuesday team will travel to the Windy City of Chicago and attend the Modern Customer Experience 2018. This 3-day exhibition is presented by Oracle and will provide us with new insights in the future of CX and helps us take the next step in business transformation. We can’t wait for it to begin and we’re particularly interested in the technical sessions during this exhibition and meeting up with product managers of the CX portfolio that we use every day.

There will be a lot of cool sessions for us to attend:

  • Redefine the Customer Experience with Artificial Intelligence
  • How IoT, Augmented Reality, Predictive Analytics and Robotics Transform Service
  • Rebooting Retail: How Blockchain, AI and IoT drive new opportunities in CX
  • Introducing Virtual Assistant for Oracle Service Cloud
  • Embracing IoT Data to Deliver a Proactive Service Experience
  • The Magic Behind a Great Chat Experience
  • and many more…


There will also be workshops, presentations from Oracle and Industry leaders and hands-on demos to try and test all the new technologies. In the upcoming weeks we will present you with more information and insights on how we’re going to put our learning’s to good use and help our customers move forward. So keep an eye on our LinkedIn and website!

Check here for more information about the “Modern Customer Experience 2018”